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Powerful Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) Platform

Build strong brand presence and KOL relationships with the IRM platform. KOL Radar: The Influencer Marketing Platform trusted by 50,000 brands!

Sharing Influencer Collaboration Information

We provide an "Influencer Collaboration Information Management" function, where members collaborating on a project can edit/view the collaboration information of influencer candidates in real time, including: "Contact Information", "Quotation Information", "Collaboration Notes", "Collaboration Evaluation,” and "Collaboration History.” This allows for a more transparent sharing of KOL collaboration experiences with the project team, serving as a reference for future collaborations.

Create Influencer Relationship Management List

Establish "Influencer Relationship Management" lists for more in-depth management and cultivation of relationships with influencers. You can freely add influencers to the list by directly entering the influencer's social media platform URL. You can also easily import from existing project lists such as "Deep Report", "Influencer Collection," providing flexible management of the list of influencers you wish to collaborate with.

Customise Influencer Candidate Tags

Quickly create Deep Reports from your favourite influencers in "My Collection" or manually update the influencer list, and list the activity keywords included in collaboration posts. Our exclusive AI crawling technology instant fetches influencer post data and automatically calculates performance metrics, generating reports.

In-depth Management of Multi-Dimensional Data

By setting the “display fields” in the influencer relationship management system, you can flexibly adjust the display items in the key data overview, including engagement metrics and effectiveness metrics of each social media platform in the past three months or past six months. Through the lists overview, you can automatically and instantly review the performance of various influencers on various social media platforms, and track the collaboration results, establishing efficient and effective partnerships.

One Click to Make a Connection

We offer a feature for sending contact emails, allowing you to easily reach out to a large number of influencer candidates with a single click. By selecting the influencers you want to contact, you can find various actionable options in the list, including “Send Email,” which effectively improves the efficiency of sending collaboration invitations and communication with KOLs.

Influencer Properties List Filtering

The Influencer Relationship Management system provides up to 12 filters for influencer characteristics, including influencer rating, social media platforms, engagement rate, follower growth rate, view rate and other performance-related criteria. You can also use lists from the “My Collection,” “Deep Report,” “Tags,” and other past project-related lists. Enterprise users can quickly and flexibly filter the list of eligible influencers based on their requirements.

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iKala's KOL Radar possesses a database of over 3,000,000 international influencers and over 1 billion of real-time social media platform data from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter. Using advanced AI technology, KOL Radar delivers optimal recommendations of influencers and builds up precise and outstanding influencer marketing performance through data.

KOL Radar's professional team possesses substantial experience of providing influencer marketing services to companies and brands. We offer marketing strategy and planning, influencer matchmaking, digital advertising, and more, with coverage across Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. Our services have successfully met the requirements of over 50,000 businesses.



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