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AI-Generated Influencer Campaign Dashboard: Optimise Your Campaigns Seamlessly!

Track and analyse KOL performance with powerful and real-time visual reports. KOL Radar: The Influencer Marketing Platform trusted by 50,000 brands!

Effortless Data Import, Automated Report Generation

Quickly generate Deep Reports to view your campaign insights. Import the influencers from "My Collection" or manually update the influencer list, and list the activities included in the collaboration posts. KOL Radar's exclusive AI web crawling technology instantly captures data from influencer posts, automatically calculates performance data and generates reports.

Data Performance Overview

Consolidate data indicators from influencer collaboration social media posts through a comprehensive compilation of “engagement”, “effectiveness” and “conversion” data.

  • Engagement data: Summarise the number of interactions by followers, including likes, comments, views, live stream viewers, and clicks on Stories, among others.
  • Effectiveness data: Automatic calculation of the posts’ engagement performance, including engagement rate, view rate, reach rate, Stories reach rate, and so on.
  • Conversion data: Calculate the posts’ conversion performance, including CPE (Cost Per Engagement), CPEV (Cost Per Engagement View), and post sentiment value, among others.

360-Degree Analysis of Influencer Social Media Data

Presenting the effectiveness of influencers and platform posts through visual data charts, and providing industry and influencer average performance values as evaluation reference standards.

  • Rich Visual Data Charts: Providing "Influencer Performance Comparison", "Influencer Type Performance Analysis", "Influencer Follower Growth Analysis", and the ability to switch freely between "engagement", "effective" and "conversion type" data indicators options. This allows for in-depth insights into the performance of posts between different influencers and social media platforms.
  • Industry / Influencer Mean Analysis: By automatically calculating the overall influencer data mean from the KOL Radar database, you can identify the "KOL Radar Mean" for engagement/view rate and the influencer’s average collaboration effectiveness categorised by industry as "Industry Average". Through industry average and overall influencer data means, you can assess the overall performance of influencers in collaborations.

Post Value and Comment Analysis

Through the analysis of the comment word cloud and post data, you can gain insights into follower engagement and feedback on influencer posts, allowing you to precisely monitor the community's opinions and social media sentiment.

  • Post Value Analysis: Analysis of the proportion and sentiment value of different engagement behaviours such as "likes", "comments" and "shares" within influencer posts.
  • Comment Word Cloud Analysis: Using AI semantic analysis technology, a word cloud visual is created from post comments, automatically tallying keyword mentions, allowing you to gain a more accurate understanding of the followers’ feedback on influencer collaboration posts. This analysis helps in understanding audience preferences and monitoring of social media sentiment.
  • Comment Sentiment Analysis: Through AI semantic analysis technology, the comments on influencer posts are analysed to determine different emotions such as "positive," "negative," and "neutral," enabling a more accurate grasp of community sentiments.
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iKala's KOL Radar possesses a database of over 3,000,000 international influencers and over 1 billion of real-time social media platform data from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter. Using advanced AI technology, KOL Radar delivers optimal recommendations of influencers and builds up precise and outstanding influencer marketing performance through data.

KOL Radar's professional team possesses substantial experience of providing influencer marketing services to companies and brands. We offer marketing strategy and planning, influencer matchmaking, digital advertising, and more, with coverage across Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. Our services have successfully met the requirements of over 50,000 businesses.



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