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Personalized Influencer Collections: Effortless Tracking and Analysis

For different marketing campaigns, establish exclusive influencer collections, allow real-time collect influencer lists and export influencer data. Simple management, effortless tracking of influencer data, and optimize influencer candidates through long-term monitoring.

Create Influencer Collections

Create Influencer Collections

According to diverse influencer requirements of different collections, you can create the "Collection" for saved influencers and their social platform data. It's convenient for you to browse online and compare the social platform data performance of different influencers.

Social Platform Data Export

Export all the social platform data with one click, including followers number, views number, views rate, likes number, comments number, engagement number/rate, follower growth/rate, offering to download in csv files.

Social Platform Data Export
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iKala's KOL Radar possesses a database of over 1,000,000 international influencers and over 500M of real-time social media platform data from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter. By utilizing advanced AI technology, it delivers optimal recommendations of influencers and build up precise and outstanding influencer marketing performance with data.

The professional team of KOL Radar possesses substantial experience of providing services to brand customers. We offer marketing and planning, influencer matchmaking, digital advertising, etc., with coverage in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan. Our services have successfully met the requirements of over ten thousand enterprises.

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