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One Site for Influencer Discovery, Data Measuring, and Performance Evaluation

KOL Radar collects over 1,000,000 international influencers, and more than hundred millions of data on the instant social platform including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. With AI technology, we provide with optimal recommendation of influencers and builds up performance-based influencer marketing.

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Social platforms

Include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok influencer information and post content with more than 1,000 followers.


Covered regions include Taiwan 250,000+, Japan 700,000+, Malaysia 110,000+ and Hong Kong 10,000+. Cross-border promotion can be carried out painlessly.

Instant data

Constantly collect the information from social platform and instantly compute the data. Update every two weeks.

In three monthsIn six months

Influencer discovery - precise filtering

For different marketing activities, establish exclusive influencer collections, online instant collection influencer, establish a list of influencer collection, and export influencer data. Simple management, easy tracking influencer data, optimized influencer cooperative candidates through long-term monitoring influencer community.

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Keyword retrieval in posts

Enter keywords, and you can rapidly seek all the influencer lists and post contents in social platforms in the matching database. The list of all influencers and post contents matching the keywords will be displayed. View tutorial for advance serach

Posts retrieval interval

Customize the period and search the influencers' posts on each social platform during this period.

Countries/Regions filter

Provide the options of Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia. You can choose one to search influencers in different areas.

Influencer type filter

According to AI Tagging technique to identify the content properties, we offer 27 types of influencers. Up to 5 types can be applied to filter.

Social platform filter

Provide several platform options such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. You can choose the most appropriate social platform for promotion.

Followers Filter

Customize the followers number at 1,000 - 1,000,000. Find the eligible candidate based on different marketing targets and budgets.

Filter by engagement, view and follower growth rate

Customize the filter with engagement, view and follower growth rate and find the influencers with high performance, high value and high potentials.

Diverse sorter

You can view the search results of influencers in descending order of KOL Radar recommendations, followers numbers, follower growth rate, engagement rate or view rate.

Influencer Data Analysis - In-depth Insight

Provide complete influencer social data, and use AI to automatically calculate community indicators in real time. Multiple advanced charts can be used - "Follower age, gender and region distribution", "Similar influencer recommendations", "Follower trend chart" , "Engagement analysis dashboard", "Video and Shorts video view analysis dashboard", "Posting frequency/time analysis", "Content type distribution", in-depth analysis and multi-angle measurement of the performance of the influencers.

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Influencer Data Analysis - Analyze with Insights

SNS Data Overview

Get an overview of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok social platform data, provide 12 data indicators such as platform data overview, engagement data, and performance data, and can select the last three months or last six months to view.

・Platform data overview: It includes the number and the growth rate of followers, and the data of published content, which can quickly grasp the development of the social platform.

・Engagement data: Count the times of all interactive behaviors in the community, and summarize various social platform data in terms of "volume", including the number of likes, comments, and views.

・Performance data: Automatically calculate the social performance including engagement rate, view rate, etc.

AI recommends similar influencers

AI recommends similar influencers BETA

Through AI intelligent and accurate recommendation of influencers, using influencers post content, influencer type and community performance as the basis of influencer recommendation calculation, quickly and easily gather the most similar influencers in one go.

Influencer Data Analysis - Analyze with Insights

Grasp the trend of followers

Provide the trend of the number of followers on various social platforms of influencers, and instantly grasp the cumulative number of followers, the number of followers, and the rate of increase of followers in each community. By applying the filter of the past three months or the past six months, you can monitor the changes of followers in the community and grasp the latest popularity trends of influencers in real time.

Master the persona of influencers' fans

Master the persona of influencers' fans BETA

Provide the age, gender and regional distribution of the fans of Internet celebrities on various social platforms, deeply grasp the profile of Internet celebrities, and more accurately select the Internet celebrity cooperation with the audience.

Influencer Data Analysis - Analyze with Insights

Community engagement effectiveness analysis

・Engagement change tracking
In-depth tracking of the five engagement data indicators of each social platform in the past three months / past six months: engagement rate, average number of engagements, average number of likes, average number of comments, and average number of shares. Through the "Engagement Analysis Dashboard", you can switch multiple time dimensions (day, week, month) to present data graphs, in-depth analysis of the total number of engagements and changes in each engagement (like/leave a message/share), and grasp the engagement performance of Internet celebrities in each period.

・Analysis of the proportion of engagement
By analyzing the pie chart of engagement ratio, you can quickly grasp the proportion of the number of interactive behaviors (like / comment / share) on the influencer community platform within a specific time period (last three months / last six months).

・Measurement of word-of-mouth value
According to the analysis of the engagement effect of the influencer community (like, leave a message, and share), objectively calculate the word-of-mouth value of the influencer in the past three months or six months, as a reference for the influencer value and further evaluate the cooperation fee of the candidate. It also provides a back-end for word-of-mouth value measurement, which can be customized to change settings based on advertising budgets and past experience in digital media buying.

Influencer Data Analysis - Analyze with Insights

Video view performance and analysis

・View performance overview
Track the content of "videos" and "live streaming" on various Internet celebrity platforms in the past three or six months, and provide viewing data indicators within the selected time: video viewing rate, average video viewing rate, live viewing rate, live streaming average viewing rate.

・Video Viewing Analysis Dashboard
The "Video Viewing Analysis Dashboard" provides a variety of time dimensions (day, week, month) to choose from, and can flexibly choose the presentation form of the chart under the time interval of nearly three or six months. Clearly compare the viewing performance of video and live content on various social platforms of influencers.

*Data related to live streaming is only available on Facebook.

Influencer Data Analysis - Analyze with Insights

Publishing Content Analysis

・Post frequency analysis
Statistics on the number and release frequency of graphic, video, and live broadcast content on various social platforms in the past three months/nearly six months. Through the post frequency analysis chart, you can freely switch the time dimension of day/week/year according to your needs, and you can clearly browse the distribution frequency overview of the influencer content type in the bar chart.

・Performance analysis of publication time
Through the analysis chart of posting time, we can fully grasp the preferred time and best effective time for content publishing in various communities of influencers. The filter can freely switch the number of content/engagements/views, and identify the number of selected indicators through the color depth of the heat map, and gain insight into the relationship between the timing of community release and content performance in the past three months or six months relation.

Influencer Data Analysis - Analyze with Insights

Post types insights and analysis

・Analysis of Deep Tag for Post Content
Through AI semantic analysis technology, analyze the content created by all the influencers in the database on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, automatically label and classify the top five content themes with the largest proportion of each influencer in the community content, and automatically calculate the content in real time. The average interaction rate and video viewing rate of themed posts, accurately grasp the content type and effectiveness of the posts operated by the influencers.

Influencer Data Analysis - Analyze with Insights

Search among contents

Through the powerful search engine, you can quickly search and find all the community content of influencers. You can customize the "Social Platform", "Content Type" (graphics/video), "Post Time Period", and enter "Keywords" to find the relevant content created by influencer.

The search results can be sorted by criteria such as "Post Date", "Number of Engagements", "Number of Views", "Number of Likes", "Number of Comments", etc., which is convenient for more efficient and accurate viewing of relevant content and content performance of influencers.

Influencer Collections - Follow Up and Analyze Easily

For different marketing activities, establish exclusive influencer collections, monitor selected influencers, establish a list of influencer collection, and export influencer data. Simple management, easy tracking influencer data, optimized influencer cooperative candidates through long-term monitoring influencer community.

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Create Influencer Collections

Create Influencer Collections

According to diverse influencer requirements of different collections, you can create the "Collection" for saved influencers and their social platform data. It's convenient for you to browse online and compare the social platform data performance of different influencers.

Social Platform Data Export

Export all the social platform data with one click, including followers number, views number, views rate, likes number, comments number, engagement number/rate, follower growth/rate, offering to download in csv files.

Social Platform Data Export

\ Enterprise Only /

Project Insight Report -Automation Case and Insight

Through the exclusive AI reptile technology, the community information of influencer Cooperative, automated computing data results, and provides visual analysis charts, effective data analysis influencer community results, insight and optimization influencer marketing project.

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Easily remit, automated output report

Quickly establish the Deep Report, from "My Collection", and manually update the influencer list, and list the activities included in the cooperative paste, you can get the exclusive AI crawler technology instant to pick up the influencer post data, and automate calculation results, output reports.

Data Effect Overall

Remitting influencer cooperative stickers data indicators, complete the "engagement", "effective" and "conversion" data.

  • Engagement data: Statistical fans all interactive behaviors, including bit numbers, number of messages, viewing number, live online highest number, limited time dynamically linking hits.
  • Successive data: Automated calculation of the engagement of posts, including engagement rate, view rate, reach rate, story reach rate, etc.
  • Conversion data: Calculate the conversion results of posts, including CPE, CPEV, and post -text reputation value.

360-degree analysis of influencer social data

Through the visual chart, all influencers and posts are present, and the average performance value of the industry and the influencer is provided as an evaluation reference standard.

  • Rich visual data chart: Provide "Influencer Efficiency Comparison", "Influencer Type Analysis", "Influencer Follower Growth Analysis", and free to switch "engagement", "effective" and "conversion type" Data Indicators Options, with a multi-dimensional depth inspection of different influencer, cross-social platform posts.
  • Industry / Influencer Meal Analysis: By system automatically calculates the data mean of overall influencers in the KOL Radar database, the "KOL Radar mean" of the engagement / view rate is provided, and the average cooperation results of influencers, which are distinguished according to the industrial category - - "Industry average". Through the average of the industry and the overall influencer data, we can view the effectiveness of cooperative influencers.

Postal value and message text cloud analysis

Through the analysis of the message cloud and stickers of the message, the fans of the net red posts are interacting with the effectiveness and feedback of the fans, and the public opinion of the community is accurately grasped.

  • Post value analysis: Analysis of the number of different engagement such as "Like", "Comment", "Share", etc., the proportion of reputation.
  • Message Writing Cloud Analysis: Through AI Language Analysis Technology, the message of the influencer post is drawn into a text cloud map, and the statistical keyword mentioned frequently and is sorted according to the degree of popularity. Through the message cloud map, it is possible to accurately master the fan feedback of cooperative influencer posts, and the cooperation influencer is to bring effective community engagement, and further analyze the audience preferences and master the community.

\ Enterprise Only /

IRM - Influencer Relationship Management

Efficient operation and maintenance of influencer relationships to bring you on one easy-to-use, powerful influencer relationship management system. By sharing all influencer cooperation information and tracking the results automatically with AI, it can effectively improve the collaboration efficiency of influencer projects and deepen the cooperative relationship between brands and influencers.

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Share Cooperated Project Information

Provides the feature of "Influencer Cooperation Information Management", members who collaborate in the project can edit/view the cooperation information of influencer candidates in real time, including: "Contact Information", "Quotation Information", "Cooperation Notes", "Cooperation Evaluation", "Cooperation Changelog", more in-depth and transparent sharing of KOL cooperation experience with the project team, as a reference for the next cooperation.

Establish a network of influencer relationship management list

Establish “Influencer Relationship Management” lists to deepen the relationship of influencers. You can freely add a list of influencers. Directly enter the influencer’s social media platform URLs to add candidates. You can also easily import from existing project lists such as "Deep Report", "Influencer Collection" and so on. , flexibly manage the list of influencers who want to operate a partnership.

Customize the Influencer Candidate Tag

Quickly establish the Deep Report, from "My Collection", and manually update the influencer list, and list the activities included in the cooperative paste, you can get the exclusive AI crawler technology instant to pick up the influencer post data, and automate calculation results, output reports.

In-depth Management of Multi-Dimensional Data

By setting the column in the influencer management relationship system, the display items of the key data overview can be flexibly adjusted, including: engagement metrics and effectiveness metrics of each social platform in the past three months or nearly six months . Through the overview list of influencers, you can automatically grasp the performance of various influencers in various social platforms, and track the cooperation results of influencers, and establish an efficient partnership with influencers.

One-click to Make a Connection

Provide the function of sending contact letters, and easily contact a large number of influencers with one click. Check the influencers you want to contact, and you can find a number of actionable actions in the list above, including send E-mail, which effectively improves the execution efficiency of influencer cooperation invitation or contact communication.

Filter Influencer's Expertise Flexibly

The Influencer Relationship Management System provides up to 12 filters for influencer characteristics, including: influencer rating, social media platform, engagement rate, fan growth rate, view rate and other related conditions of effectiveness numerical values, or the influencer collection, A collection of lists related to past projects such as Deep Repot, Tags, etc. Enterprise version users can quickly and flexibly filter out the list of eligible influencers according to your requirements.

Effectively Meet Your Marketing Requirements with Data

Effectively Meet Your Marketing Requirements with Data
KOL Radar Helps You Search for Influencers Smartly

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KOL Radar of iKala poccesses the list of over 1,000,000 international influencers and more than hundred millions of instant social platform data including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Through the AI technology, it achieves optimal recommendation of influencers, building up precise and outstanding performance influencer marketing with data.

The professional team of KOL Radar possesses substantial service experience for brand customers. We offer marketing and planning, matchmaking for influencers, digital advertising services, etc., whose coverage includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan. Our services have successfully met the requirements of ten thousand enterprises.

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