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AI-Generated Influencer Campaign Dashboard: Optimize Your Campaigns Seamlessly!

Track and analyze KOL performance with powerful and real-time visual reports. KOL Radar - An Influencer Marketing Platform trusted by 40,000 brands !

Effortless Data Import, Automated Report Generation

Quickly establish the Deep Report, from "My Collection", and manually update the influencer list, and list the activities included in the cooperative paste, you can get the exclusive AI crawler technology instant to pick up the influencer post data, and automate calculation results, output reports.

Data Performance Overview

Remitting influencer cooperative stickers data indicators, complete the "engagement", "effective" and "conversion" data.

  • Engagement data: Statistical fans all interactive behaviors, including bit numbers, number of messages, viewing number, live online highest number, limited time dynamically linking hits.
  • Successive data: Automated calculation of the engagement of posts, including engagement rate, view rate, reach rate, story reach rate, etc.
  • Conversion data: Calculate the conversion results of posts, including CPE, CPEV, and post -text reputation value.

360-Degree Analysis of Influencer Social Data

Through the visual chart, all influencers and posts are present, and the average performance value of the industry and the influencer is provided as an evaluation reference standard.

  • Rich visual data chart: Provide "Influencer Efficiency Comparison", "Influencer Type Analysis", "Influencer Follower Growth Analysis", and free to switch "engagement", "effective" and "conversion type" Data Indicators Options, with a multi-dimensional depth inspection of different influencer, cross-social platform posts.
  • Industry / Influencer Meal Analysis: By system automatically calculates the data mean of overall influencers in the KOL Radar database, the "KOL Radar mean" of the engagement / view rate is provided, and the average cooperation results of influencers, which are distinguished according to the industrial category - - "Industry average". Through the average of the industry and the overall influencer data, we can view the effectiveness of cooperative influencers.

Post Value and Comment Analysis

Through the analysis of the word cloud and stickers of the message, the fans of the net red posts are interacting with the effectiveness and feedback of the fans, and the public opinion of the community is accurately grasped.

  • Post value analysis: Analysis of the number of different engagement such as "Like", "Comment", "Share", etc., the proportion of reputation.
  • Comment word cloud analysis: Through AI semantic analysis technology, the comments on the posts are drawn into a word cloud diagram, automating the statistical frequency of key words mentioned, allowing you to gain a more accurate understanding of the feedback from fans, and analyzing audience preferences and gaining insight into public opinion in the community.
  • Comment Sentiment Analysis : Through AI semantic analysis technology, analyze the comments from influencer's posts to determine different emotions such as "positive," "negative," and "neutral" allowing you to more accurately grasp your fans' sentiments.
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