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KOL Radar possesses more than 100,000 international influencers data. Able to collect huge social platform data from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, we can give the best influencer recommendations with the combination of AI technology. Join KOL Radar Premium, and you can enjoy numerous featrues of Premium as well as advanced applications. Through big data and AI computing, influencer precision marketing can be achieved.

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Browse the top 24 influencers
Browse basic influencer information
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Master depth data to meet the professional needs of advanced. With free version of all features, plus:
Solid influencer database (Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong)
Complete influencer search (Keyword retrieval, filtering and sorting)
Complete influencer socail data analysis (near 3 or 6 months engagement rate, view rate, follower growth rate)
Exclusive influencer collection for data monitoring
Influencer data export (CSV)
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Provide workspace for business team collaboration, multi-account management and sharing data.
With all the features of Premium, plus:
Management of exclusive influencer collections
Collaboration for insights with Deep Report
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Community information covers the platform
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok
Number of new lists in various regions
Available region database: Taiwan (55,000+), Japan (20,000+), Malaysia (15,000+), Hong Kong (10,000+)
Influencer search and filter
Influencer serach results
Only the first 24
Unlimited browses
Unlimited browses
Post / Influencer name keyword retrieval
Custom time interval for searching posts
Influencer filtering (social platform / influencer type / gender / follower)
Effective screening function (interactivity / rising powder / viewing rate)
Search results Sort Multi-diversity
Influencer social content and data
Influencer profile information
Insepct recently popular works
Inspect follower growth and rate
Inspect the number of engagement and rate
Inspect video / live video views and view rate
Inspect trend of influencer engagement
Compared to nearly three / six months
Compared to nearly three / six months
Exclusive influencer collections
Create Influencer Collections
Influencer counts in collection
Influencer social data export (CSV)
500 influencers without repeat per month
Deep Report Project Insight
Automated instant data statistics
Visualized charts for data analysis
Analysis between industry and Influencers
Cross-platform / cross-influencer data effective analysis
Motion interactive / achievement / conversion data analysis
Post message text cloud map analysis
Management of exclusive influencer collections
Collaboration for insights with Deep Report
Start your influencer marketing campaign for performance
Find the most suitable influencers for your brand with KOL Radar
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KOL Radar of iKala possesses the list of 100,000 international influencers and more than hundred millions of instant social platform data including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Through the AI technology, it achieves optimal recommendation of influencers, building up precise and outstanding performance influencer marketing with data.

The professional team of KOL Radar possesses substantial service experiences for brand customers. We offer marketing and planning, matchmaking for influencers, and digital advertising services etc., whose coverage include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan. Our services have successfully met the requirements of thousands of enterprises.

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