KOL Radar - Expert of AI Influencer Marketing Solutions

Expert of AI Influencer Marketing Solutions

Comprehensive influencer marketing plan

Perfect matching for high-quality influencer

Powerful influencer database

Hundred millions of data on social platform


Why Do You Need Influencer Marketing?

Increase Brand Exposure and Awareness

Increase Brand Exposure and Awareness

With the disappearance of traffic bonus and low natural reaches of social platform, influencers bring the exposure effectually and help the brand break through. Through their creations and personal charm, influencers convert the information that the brand wants to transmit into contents followers are interested in. Rapidly spreading on social platforms and reaching a huge amount of audience, they successfully arouse brand voice and awareness.

The Appeals from Influencers Drive the Growth

The Appeals from Influencers Drive the Growth

Under the scenarios of popular influencers' sharing their actual experience, the distance between the brand and consumers is shortened. Compared with ordinary advertisements, audiences are more willing to believe in the experiences and recommendations from influencers. It effectively helps the brand take deep root in consumers' hearts and increase the preferences, further stimulating consumption and converting to opportunities.

Manage Brand Value and Reputation in the Long Run

Manage Brand Value and Reputation in the Long Run

Different from common media advertisements with fixed broadcasting dayparts, the native contents of influencers can be always searched and found on the Internet, getting Long Tail Effect. With the long-term persistence and continuous accumulation of the brand content recommended by influencers, long-term reputation of the brand is able to be established on social platforms, deepening the brand impression and value as well as increasing consumers' trusts and brand loyalty.

Powerful Data and Professional Team Solve Your Marketing Issues

No longer rely on your intuition. By using AI technology to be your most reliable expert in influencer marketing

AI Smart Empowerment
Smart Filter of Influencers

Full-Flow Influencer Marketing

Social Platform Data Mining
Precise Analysis and Insights

Influencers included
Influencers Matched
Experience of Influencer Marketing Projects

Influencer Marketing Services

The professional team effectively meets your demand for influencer marketing. Along with the exclusive influencer database, we can perfectly carry out your influencer marketing activities, creating multiple effects.

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Data Driven Marketing Strategy

  • - Marketing target confirmation
  • - Benefit analysis and estimation
  • - Data and creative planning
  • - Content and social platform strategy

Smart and Precise Recommendation

  • - Database of 400,000+ international influencers
  • - Performance-based influencers filtered by data
  • - Candidates matching with owned/competitors' products keyword
  • - Influencer estimation and complementary strategy

Perfect Implementation

  • - Influencers contract signing and payment
  • - Inquiry and communication with influencers
  • - Content production and modification
  • - Brand owner review confirmation

Performance Evaluation

  • - Influencer data performance results
  • - Advertising performance report
  • - Future strategic optimization suggestion

AI Influencer Database

Through big data and AI computing, it achieves optimal influencer recommendation and builds up performance-based influencer marketing.

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Huge Influencer Database

  • - 400,000+ influencer list
  • - Cross social platforms
  • - Across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan

Filtering Candidates Precisely

  • - More than 10 filters
  • - Keyword retrieval among posts
  • - Customizing interval for retrieval

Data Follow-Up and Performance Evaluation

  • - WOMM value evaluation
  • - Management of Influencers List
  • - Social Platform Data Export
Effectively Meet Your Marketing Requirements with Data

Effectively Meet Your Marketing Requirements with Data
KOL Radar Helps You Search for Influencers Smartly

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KOL Radar of iKala poccesses the list of over 400,000 international influencers and more than hundred millions of instant social platform data including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Through the AI technology, it achieves optimal recommendation of influencers, building up precise and outstanding performance influencer marketing with data.

The professional team of KOL Radar possesses substantial service experience for brand customers. We offer marketing and planning, matchmaking for influencers, digital advertising services, etc., whose coverage includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan. Our services have successfully met the requirements of ten thousand enterprises.

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